Keyhole insertion of lumbar pedicle screws

This surgical video demonstrates the minimally invasive placement of lumbar pedicle screws, which is part of how a lumbar fusion is performed. This surgery is frequently offered for the treatment of spinal instability causing back and leg pain.

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As you can see, we use specialised and very accurate computer guidance to insert implants into the spine, without ever being able to see the bones directly. This technique allows for faster, safer and less disruptive surgery that permits a much faster recover than traditional open surgery.

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Our spines are made up of 33 vertebrae that protect the spinal cord and also allow for movement and flexibility. Between each of these vertebrae is a small ‘disc’ made of fibrous cartilage around a more gelatinous core. These discs act as a cushion, absorbing shocks and enabling the spine to bend and twist during

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Minimally invasive removal of a spinal tumour

This is a video of the minimally invasive removal of a spinal tumour called a schwannoma, which was compressing the thoracic part of the spinal cord and causing walking difficulty. The spine was accessed through a minimally invasive surgical portal (an expandable cylinder) and the tumour was removed under the surgical microscope, using microsurgical instruments.