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Australia’s leading institute for the minimally invasive surgical treatment of spinal diseases. 

Keyhole Surgery Brisbane

Welcome to the Keyhole Spine Centre – Australia’s leading institute for the minimally invasive surgical treatment of spinal diseases. 

Minimally invasive spine surgery uses a keyhole surgery approach.

This differs from traditional open spinal surgery with:

Spinal conditions we treat

At the Keyhole Spine Centre, we specialise in the surgical management of common spinal pathologies, using keyhole surgical techniques to improve surgical efficiency, reduce post-operative pain, and provide a much quicker return to normal activities for the patient than traditional open spinal surgery.

Our Neurosurgeons, nurses, theatre booking and reception staff work together to ensure the best patient experience and care. 

Our surgeons have access to the most cutting-edge technology to facilitate this surgery in the safest, most efficient way. This leads to optimal outcomes for our patients.

Keyhole spinal surgery can be used to treat : 

Neurosurgeons, Dr Damian Amato, Dr Robert Campbell and Dr Jason McMillen look at a digital visualisation display during surgery
pituitary admin staff

Nurses and support staff

Our nurses play a vital role in patient care. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of nurses work closely with our Neurosurgeons to ensure the best surgical care and follow-up. They provide assistance and education before your surgery and monitor your recovery after surgery.

Our theatre bookings and reception staff are here to assist you. They will manage your appointments and book your surgical procedure.

Location and outreach clinics

The Keyhole Spine Centre is located in Brisbane. Surgery is performed at the Mater Centre for Neurosciences, Mater Hospital, South Brisbane, Queensland.

Although the Keyhole Spine Centre is based in Brisbane, we look after patients throughout Australia and overseas. We have outreach clinics throughout Queensland:  

For patients in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory, and those residing overseas, we offer telehealth services.

Dr Jason McMillen, a neurosurgeon peers through a surgical microscope that is used in spine surgery
Waiting room


Each Neurosurgeon has wide expertise in minimally invasive (keyhole) spinal surgery techniques. We pride ourselves in having performed over 6000 keyhole spine surgery procedures over the last 15 years. The Keyhole Spine Centre is the leading centre for this type of surgery in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our Neurosurgeons:

  • Dr Damian Amato
  • Dr Robert Campbell
  • Dr Amelia Jardim
  • Dr Jason McMillen
  • Dr Jason Papacostas
  • Dr Antonio (Tony) Tsahtsarlis
  • Dr Martin Wood

Our Pain Specialist, Dr Joshua Daly, manages patients who may not benefit from surgery or those with complex spine disorders. 


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